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Product Detail
ANYMESH-SDR-A2 Carry base Station AD hoc Equipment AD hoc Carrier (small base station)
Backpack stations are suitable for individual soldiers to carry or use as small base stations
Model rules: ANYMESH-SDR - [Communication waveform] [Form number] - [Operating frequency] - [Transmission power]
通信波形: A waveform (64 nodes, 63Mbps@10MHz)
形态编号: A2
工作频段: 1.3Hz-1.5GHz
发射功率: 2*2W
重量: 1800g
距离: 1-10km
可扩展License: Adaptive frequency selection/automatic frequency hopping (charge function, on-demand authorization)

Ad Hoc Network Backpack Station (4W)

The ANYMESH-SDR-A2 is a base station-type ad hoc network device that can be carried behind you to reduce extra weight or be fixed as a relay base station. The chain can be automatically built and networked after powering on the computer, and no additional configuration work is required. Each piggyback base station node does not need to forward data information through the central node, and all nodes can be used as data information collection nodes, relay forwarding nodes and data information output nodes at the same time. The networking mode dynamically changes with the environment to meet the requirements of multi-scenario applications. The transmission distance of the device can reach more than 50KM in an unobstructed environment, and it can still maintain high data transmission communication in a strong shielding environment. Military-grade design, effectively used in various severe environmental fields.


Non-line-of-sight icons .jpg

Non-line-of-sight transmission

Based on the self-organizing multi-hop technology, the signal automatically selects the best path to reach the target node without direct line-of-sight

Network icon .jpg

Fast networking

Without manual configuration, you can quickly set up a temporary wireless communication network with existing nodes when you turn on the machine, and realize one-to-many two-way transmission of on-site video, image, and voice information


GPS/Beidou positioning

High-precision positioning

The network self-healing .jpg

The network heals itself

Each node has multiple paths to transmit data, and if the node fails or is disturbed, the data packets will be automatically routed to the alternate path to continue transmission to ensure the stability of the network in an emergency

High transfer rate graph .jpg

High transfer rates

Under the same communication range and transmission conditions, the adaptive performance of the MESH network surpasses the general network rate and can reach 100Mbps

Mobile node .jpg

Mobile nodes

It supports effective connections in high-speed movement on the ground, water and in the air, and can form a self-organizing network with various dynamic and static nodes

Multi-interface data input .jpg

Multi-interface data access

It has a variety of interfaces such as network port, serial port, voice port, etc., and can be connected with various types of terminals such as hand microphones and sensors, and the data can be connected to the web platform

The network management center .jpg

Network management platform

Log in to the web platform to easily view or configure device information and network information, and intuitively understand the connection status of other devices through the network topology diagram

Product Display

Product dimensions

Carrying the data graph .jpgProduct accessories

SDR small backpack accessories .png

Product parameters

Wireless featuresCommunication frequency


L: 1000-1500/1400-1500MHz 70~6000MHz range can be customized

Transmit power

Dual channel, 2*2W

Bandwidth mode
2.5/5/10/20*MHz 20MHz version can be customized
Communication waveformsA waveform (TDD-COFDM+MIMO high-rate medium-scale 64 nodes).
Carrier modulation
Communication rate
Peak 65Mbps@10MHz, peak 125Mbps@20MHz
Reception sensitive
Communication distanceIt can reach 10km (ground line of sight) and can reach more than 60-100km (open ground line of sight).
Networking function
Networking capabilities

Single-frequency supports more than 64 nodes

Number of
hops on the network
The maximum number of hops is not less than 32 hops
Access time
The system will be connected to the network
within 1s after startup
Network topology
No central network, star network, chain network, grid network, etc
Transparent network transmission
Supports network IP transparent transmission
System featuresPeripheral interfacesNetwork port*1, serial port*1, voice*1, power supply*1 support multi-network port, R232, RS422, RS485 and other interfaces
Video inputIP video input
is supported
Control functionsSupport unified software management configuration [support configuration management software customization]
Voice Communications
Full-duplex VOIP voice conferencing/PTT hand-to-hand intercom
Satellite positioning
GPS/BD* (on-demand external).
The rest of the features
Physical characteristicsPower consumption
of the whole machine
15~25W, dual channel
Operating temperature
working hours6~8 hours (integrated removable battery)
Ingress protectionIP65
Dimensions215* 150* 48 mm
The weight of
the whole machine
1600 g

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